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Morgan and Matt travel with their baby daughter Aupi and dog Nandi in a self-converted skoolie. The couple were no strangers to tiny living before their daughter came around — they’d lived in a sailboat and an overlander in Australia for years.

They wanted to move to the U.S. for Aupi’s birth to be closer to family, but also didn’t want to get into the rental market. A skoolie sounded like the perfect solution. They call their home “The Green Bean.”

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Family of 3 & Their Skoolie Conversion

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Matt and JoAnna bought a home and kept sinking money into it. When they saw other families turning to school bus life, they decided to join their ranks and move their family of five (three boys, ages 7, 5 and 6 months) into a bus home!

In terms of family-friendliness, this bus conversion checks all the boxes: There’s a spacious living area for family time, a kitchen with all the counter space for prepping family meals, a tub, a washer/dryer unit, and bunks for the kids and a private bedroom for mom and dad.

Tiny Home Tours took us on a bus walkthrough which you can watch below. Plus you’ll get the details on their bus name, “Businante.”

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Three Kids and Two Adults in One Bus Conversion

Businante 6

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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