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Abod is a subsidiary of BSB Design which has come up with a solution for homelessness through really small structures. The houses start at just $4,950 and are built on an arch frame with corrugated steel panels, and fiberglass slat coverings.

These homes are designed as solutions for low-income starter houses as well as replacements for settlements where there are no form of real housing at all.

The construction process seems simple and it’s done on a concrete foundation… The structures themselves are like miniature warehouses and they can be assembled in one day with the help of four people by using a screwdriver and an awl. Just two tools.

The structures are high quality, affordable, and durable. They are expected to last twenty to thirty years. Since they can be easily mass manufactured they are very inexpensive.

The layouts can also be personalized with small kitchens, toilets, showers, lofts, widows, and designs for doors, flooring, closets, and walls. The dwellings are also easily connected together to create a larger home.

“Abode is the opportunity for us to give something back to society. It’s time to realize our dream of making the world a better place in which to live.”
Doug Sharp
Chairman of the Board, BSB Design

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