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Meet the Bruder EXP-6, an amazing high-tech travel trailer designed for off-roading and built by Australian company, Bruder. This amazing house on wheels has epic suspension, an aerodynamic design and all kinds of fantastic features and upgrades available.

The home can sleep two with a double bed, or you can get three extra bunks to sleep up to 6 comfortably. It has a cool kitchen that’s accessible from both the exterior and interior, as well as two fridges: One you can access outside and one from inside. And yes, there’s a bathroom, and an additional outdoor shower, as well.

As you can imagine, something this fancy comes with a pretty big price tag, but it’s worth showing you all because of the ingenious features that you can get inspiration from. I filled out a quote for the basic model shipped to the US, and it starts at $115,000 USD. You can fill out your own quote here.

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Images via Bruder

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