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This is the Skookum 24′ Tiny House by Westcoast Outbuildings in British Columbia that I dubbed “The Modern Lodge.”

From the outside the half-log siding mixed with the forest green corrugated steel looks perfectly traditional, but the lavender-colored door hints at what’s inside. Enter the house and find a funky white curved counter top, stainless steel appliances, a sleek Kimberly wood stove, and gorgeous stone-and-tilework in the bathroom. It’s a perfect blend of cozy and chic!

Enjoy the pictures, and find contact information and additional details below.

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Skookum 24′ Tiny House: The Modern Lodge

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This is the Lillooet 31′ Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It features over 400-sq.-ft. of usable space inside!

The stunning home includes two private loft bedrooms accessible by storage stairs, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a super cozy living room that I could enjoy many evenings in! The bathroom has room for a washer-dryer and has a beautiful tile shower. For more details, a video tour, and the builder contact information, head to the last page. Enjoy!

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Two-Bedroom Tiny House With Over 400-sq.-ft. of space… The Lillooet 31-ft. Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings

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