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This is a beautiful Tiny Texas House Vacation in Canyon Lake.

Our Tiny Texas House is a beautiful Victorian cottage custom made from period reclaimed building materials. The attention to detail is astounding in this work of art. The cottage features vintage stained glass windows, antique wood floors and trim. Climb the ladder to the sleeping loft and sleep soundly in the plush king size bed. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the porcelain tub and shower.


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Tiny Texas House Vacation in Canyon Lake

Images via Home Away

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Something that you might not have thought about when designing your tiny house is the dangers of using toxic materials in such tiny spaces such as a tiny home on wheels.

In a quick exchange of e-mails with Brad Kittel, of Pure Salvage Living and Tiny Texas Houses, I was able to take some of his knowledge on this and share it with you here because it’s important for your health. You’re also invited to take part in the discussion and share what you know in the comments below so we can all learn even more about this issue together.

Brad says, “there is 15 times less air to wall ration in a tiny house and very few have the proper air exchange rates to offset the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that we generate as humans, let alone the other chemicals in the closed-in tiny space.”

So how do you make your tiny house safe? How do you free it from these sneaky toxins that are conveniently sold everywhere? And yes, all of this is even more important in a tiny house because the volume of space is a lot smaller!

12 Toxin-free Tiny House Design/Build Tips

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Right now I’m thrilled to share this free documentary on the ‘Willy Wonka’ of reclaimed tiny housing thanks to Faircompanies.

This movie is on Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses. When he came to Texas 30 years ago, he was living in a school bus converted into a home.

And he started buying boarded-up houses and fixing them up using repurposed materials salvaged from barns, old houses, and other buildings.

Today all of his toxic-free, all organic, little homes are built using 99% recycled materials. Please watch, enjoy, talk about it in the comments, and re-share below.

Tiny Texas Houses: The ‘Willy Wonka’ of Salvaged Tiny Homes


Image © Faircompanies

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Most of the time I like to show you tiny houses on wheels but I also have a passion for other small spaces, like this 252-square-foot tiny victorian cottage built on a foundation by Tiny Texas Houses.

I think a home like this is a great option if you’re interested in living tiny but know that something slightly bigger would work better for you.

Maybe it’s because you want to share the house with somebody, you want to keep some more of your goodies, or you just enjoy a little more spaciousness.


Photo Credits Texas Tiny Houses

Did you know that Brad Kittel builds his tiny homes of nearly 100% recycled & reclaimed materials that he repurposes, gathers and restores himself? Pretty amazing if you ask me.

I like how the interior is a lot like most little houses on wheels. It’s got the kitchen with an upstairs sleeping loft. Only here you get to enjoy the feeling of more space thanks to a bigger house and the open/vaulted ceilings.

I encourage to tour the rest of this awesome little house below:

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