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This is a 2014 Ram ProMaster 2WD cabin van conversion for $32,000 in Bozeman, Montana.

It’s listed at Van Life Trader with 191,000 miles on the odometer. It features a propane heater, a 20-gallon water storage tank, a 10-gallon grey water tank, and a solar power system.

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$32K Ram ProMaster Cabin Van by Dans Vans in Montana

ProMaster Cabin Van for 32K 001

Images via Van Life Trader

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This is a gorgeous vintage log cabin on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana. The home has one extra cozy loft bedroom and an open-concept first floor that feels very “Little House on the Prairie.”

The cabin’s front has a living room, while the kitchen and bathroom are in the back. A covered front porch is a spot to enjoy coffee while taking in the stunning mountain views. Do you like this cabin?

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Montana Log Cabin with Stunning Views

Heritage Ranch Log Cabin 14

Images via Dianna/Airbnb

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This is a custom-built tiny house on wheels in Bozeman, Montana. It has all the features of a full-sized home, and it is for sale at $64,900. You may view the posting at the Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It features a beautiful reclaimed wood exterior, living room that can accommodate a full-size couch, kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and bedroom that fits a queen-size bed and has plenty of storage. It has a separate bathroom, and the buyer can choose the toilet that suits them. Check out the photos and share your thoughts. Would you like to live in this tiny house? If you want to ask more questions or make an offer, please do it here.

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220sf Custom Tiny House For Sale At $65k In Bozeman, Montana

220sf Custom Tiny House With Full Sized Home Features In Montana (For Sale)

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/NoahWeinstein

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This tiny house on a truck for sale is built on the back of a 1991 F-250 7.3L diesel truck with a custom flatbed frame for $4200. If you’re looking to explore the world in a custom built motorhome, this might be the right one for you.

It’s fully insulated, has a Tiny Tot wood stove, and is partially set up to run on vegetable oil. The truck just needs a little more work to be completely finished but so far inside you’ll find a cooking area, custom furniture, LED lighting, speakers, and more (see below).

Tiny House on a Truck in Bozeman, Montana


Images © Duncan McGovern

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