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It’s been a couple of years since we updated you on the Boxabl Casita, but Tiny Home Tours just did a great interview with one of the founders all about why, how, and where they create these awesome prefab homes that can be easily shipped across the country and unfolded in place.

These studio-style homes include everything needed for full-time living: A living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom with a decent amount of storage and full-sized appliances. Boxabl also offers stacking units that can be put together to create a larger home or office space. Enjoy learning everything you need to know about Boxabl!

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How Boxabl Builds Its Prefab Homes That Can Be Shipped and Unfolded in Days

Boxabl Casita & Warehouse Tour 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk — who is reportedly the second richest man in the world — currently lives in a Boxabl Casita prefab tiny house which costs a measly $50,000 (base price)! The home sits in Starbase, Texas, where Musk and his team are building Starships.

Shockingly, the house is only 375 square feet. Boxabls can include a number of upgrades, and Musk has hinted that he spent an extra $19K on special features. Still, a $69K home for a man worth $156 Billion is fairly remarkable, especially since the only other home he owns he currently rents out for events and is trying to sell to a family. He recently sold a number of mansions he owned to make good on his promise to lower his carbon footprint.

Turns out Boxabl has it’s eyes set on outer space, which might explain their relationship with Musk. They have a video you can watch below all about using their prefab homes on Mars. Below are some pictures of a Boxabl Casita prototype.

Want your own? Preorder here.

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Elon Musk Sold His Mansions to Live in 375 Square Feet!

Elon Musk Lives in a $50K 400 Sq. Ft. PreFab Tiny House 4

Images via Boxabl/YouTube

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