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When Johnny thought he was getting a new Navy position that would have him deploying more frequently, he chose to rent out his home and purchase a 1981 CHB Ed Monk Trawler to use as his home base wherever he went (rather than paying rent in a number of cities).

The Navy ended up cancelling that job altogether, but Johnny kept the boat and now he teaches other Navy sailors to drive boats, continues to rent out his home, and lives full-time on his trawler. We actually showed you his buddy’s trawler some months ago, and the two of them enjoy hanging out in the water around San Diego.

See it all in the video interview with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Living on the Water: No Rent (Just a Lot of Repairs)

Active Duty Navy Officer & His Trawler Tiny Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Chris and Jolene have three preteen boys, and the family used to do the typical suburban rat race of tons of sports and activities, work 9 to 5, and a zombie-like existence trying to afford a 3,000 square foot cookie-cutter home.

Then, about two years ago, Chris sold his company and the family searched for the perfect boat to begin their life on the water. Now they enjoy travelling to islands in the Caribbean, “boatschooling,” and experiencing all the chaos and wonders of boat life!

Jolene shared some wonderful reflections on why they went tiny in our Q&A with her, so be sure to read more below and take the video tour of their houseboat. You can follow the family on Instagram here.

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Family W/ 3 Preteen Boys Travel Caribbean in Trawler

From 3,000 Sq. Ft. in Texas Suburbia to Trawler Boat Life: Family of 5 9

Images via Wandering Knapps

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Darcy, age 24, was about to buy her own home and jump into the world of mortgages, when her dad asked, “What about a boat?”

At first she thought he had to be kidding, but when he showed her the inside of this 60×12.5 widebeam, she saw a blank slate for her interior design skills (she designs kitchens for a living!). So she bought it, and has been living in it since February 2020 (although it’s only been in the water for a week).

She’s located outside of Nottinghamshire in England (follow her @boathousemidlands), and moors with a residential license which is cheaper than renting a place on her own. The size of the boat makes her wary of steering it on her own, but she gets to live on the water in the peace of nature instead of the hustle and bustle of city center!

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Darcy’s Sleek and Modern Boat Renovation

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Now here is some super tiny living! Captains Kate and Nate live aboard their Hunter 28.5, which feels quite similar to van-size on the inside.

While it has everything they need — a stove, galley, bathroom and sleeping quarters — it’s pretty snug! Just proof that you can live with less than you think, and enjoy the open water.

The couple were flipping sailboats they buy at auction in Florida, but now charter their boat to Alaskan vacationers. You can plan a charter experience with them here. Be sure to check out the video tour of their sailboat with Tiny Home Tours below.

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Alaskan Sailboat Life in a Hunter 28.5

Captains Kate and Nate’s Sailboat Life and Charter Business

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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