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This morning I opened an e-mail from one of our readers, Mrs Tiny Lady, regarding the possibility of bigger trailers for bigger tiny houses on wheels (in case you might be interested in that). 🙂

In it she included several links to diagrams of larger trailers versus the more usual flat bed trailers we use for building tiny homes. This got me thinking, what if some of you out there wanted or even needed a bigger tiny house than what we normally see? Yesterday I got to show you a custom 30′ tiny house on wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. But what if you wanted to go even bigger?

Maybe you need more space because of your family, your hobbies, or your work/business. But you still want the mobility of a tiny house and the benefits that go along with them. How about these 18 wheeler tractor trailers? They’re normally meant for big loads, moving tractor trailers, and other heavy duty equipment. What if we were to build a ‘tiny’ house on one of these? It’s a great way to get more space and eliminate the need for lofts while still remaining mobile.

Bigger Trailers for Bigger Tiny Houses On Wheels


Images © Barnhart-Trans.com

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This is a park model RV designed and built like a train caboose which of course can be used as a ‘large’ tiny house on wheels.

Normally park models are about 400 sq. ft. with extra loft space up top in addition. The designer of this one is a retired train engineer and veteran. Unfortunately this particular model doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom as it’s being used for the owner’s train and caboose collectibles. Either way I thought you’d like to look at it too since I’m sure you can also see how easy it would be to finish it as a fully functioning tiny home.

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Caboose Park Model Tiny House on Wheels


Images © North Park Homes and Cabins

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This is a spacious tiny house on wheels by Rich’s Portable Cabins. You know, Rich has built so many tiny homes that I just have to keep showing you the options that are possible for tiny house living… Including the not-so-tiny ones.

It’s important to look at all of these options because I want you to build the home of your dreams that will last you for a long time. One that meets your needs. Anyway, Rich Daniels has been building some really awesome tiny houses that I think you’ll also like and be inspired from. Some are 8′ wide tiny homes on trailers and others are wider and longer than ‘usual’ and are considered ‘Park Model’ homes. Either way, I believe both can be used to simplify and downsize our lives depending on how far you want to downsize. And really what’s best for you and makes you happiest.

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Spacious Tiny House on Wheels by Rich’s Portable Cabins


Images: RichsPortableCabins

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This is Rich the Cabin Man’s extra-long tiny house on wheels! Now here’s a tiny house on wheels that more folks might be open to.

To me, it’s like a breed between a Park Model and a Tiny House. Most park models are wider than 8’6″ so you need a special permit to tow it. But not this one. Rich Daniels built it at just the right width so you can still tow it yourself.

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A Big Tiny House by Rich’s Portable Cabins

rich the cabin mans spacious tiny house

Images: Rich Daniels

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The other day a reader sent me an email with a few photos of a park model tiny house that he ran into while driving.

This park model tiny home had just moved into a trailer park where he happens to drive by regularly.

This excited him so much (I would be too) that he stopped and took a few photos (which I’m sharing below). Thanks for the pictures, Troy!

So this got me thinking… Whatever happened to the idea of park model tiny houses and communities? Don’t these already exist? Why aren’t we making something happen here? Why aren’t we at least talking about it?

Park Model Tiny House Communities

Park Model Tiny House Communities Photo by Troy B.

Photo by Troy B.

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