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This is IKEA’s low maintenance, chain-less bicycle that’s now available in the U.S.

Going tiny can often mean getting rid of one or more vehicles, and this snazzy SLADDA bike could be a great new way to get around town without a car.

This bicycle is powered by a belt drive, which is a rustproof, durable and maintenance-free alternative to a regular chain. The automatic 2-gear system is integrated into the rear hub, so there are no wires that rust or break.

Want one? Me too!

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IKEA Offers Low Maintenance, Chain-less Bicycle to USA

Images via Ikea

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Right now I want to show you this incredible and lightweight Taku-Tanku tiny house on wheels created by Stereotank and Takahiro Fukuda that you can tow with a bicycle, on foot, or even with a boat.

It’s great because it’s designed to be made from two 670 gallon water tanks which of course can be recycled. And, it’s really easy to assemble, too. The tanks are connected by a rectangle of wood.

How about that? A micro home that you don’t have to spend 1-2 years building… And you can tow it with a bicycle if you wanted to!

Lightweight, Portable & Reclaimed Water Tank Tiny House


Images: Stereotank

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