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This is a modern tiny home on wheels by Tiny House Belgium. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? According to Tiny House Town, it was built for The Pop-Up Hotel in Oostkamp, Belgium (and it’s one of three you can stay in). Learn more and enjoy the tour below!

© Tiny House Belgium

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This is the eco-friendly Ark Shelter “Shelter S” that’s a fully-customizable home. The company that creates them is headquarted in Belgium.

Your own ark, subtle hidden in the landscape because of its mobile foundations, can be placed everywhere you can imagine. By collecting rainwater and using wind power for electricity production ARK becomes a self-supporting house. This ecological shelter is sustainable and totally independent with respect for surrounding nature, and that is what makes our ARK so unique. Escape the city life and choose for luxurious camping. Go ARK.

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The Eco-Friendly Ark Shelter “Shelter S”

Images via Ark Shelter

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