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This is a 20ft tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a 144 sq. ft. tiny on wheels with two lofts. Priced at $58,000.

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20ft Tiny House on Wheels Built with Reclaimed Barn Wood (For Sale) in Portland!

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This is a luxury tiny house in Asheville, North Carolina that quickly sold for $65,000.

It’s never been lived in and the interior is all reclaimed barn wood. It sold on Craigslist faster than the previous owner expected.

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Luxury Tiny House in Asheville Sells Fast for $65k


Photos via Mattie/Craiglist

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This is a rustic tiny house on wheels built with reclaimed barn wood.

It’s for sale (asking $26,000) and located in Cedaredge, Colorado.

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The $26k Rustic Tiny House in Cedaredge


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This is the story of a 714-square-foot tiny cabin that was built as a guest house in Ross, California and designed by Dotter & Solfjeld Architects. It started out as an old barn on the lot that was beyond repair so they decided that they would recycle the wood and use it to build this!

From the outside, you’ll notice the beautiful rustic finish and the corrugated metal roof. I could just hear the relaxing sound of the rain from the inside where you find a cozy living area, kitchen, main floor bedroom, bathroom, and an additional sleeping or storage loft. What do you think? Could you see yourself living in a space like this?

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Rustic Cabin Built with Reclaimed Wood Harvested from an Old Barn that was on the Property…🔨

714 Sq. Ft. Cabin Built with Reclaimed Barn Wood - Image © Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture & Design

Images © Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture & Design

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