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Here’s a magical little barn conversion in North Carolina with a sleek modern farmhouse interior that’s all the rage these days! You walk into the main living space with a chaise lounge, TV on a swivel, and the staircase up to the loft bedroom that includes a queen-sized bed.

There’s an L-shaped kitchen at the back of the barn, and next to it is a little bathroom with a shower and toilet. This is such a great example of what can be done with a shed kit! Would you live in a shed-turned-tiny house?

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Sleek Little Barn Home Vacation

Embrace Tiny Living in a Magical, Bespoke Little Home 83

Images via Airbnb/Mel

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I love when something old gets a new life, and that’s especially true of this milk barn, complete with a vaulted ceiling, that’s gotten a new life as an Airbnb.

What was once an insulated cooler for milk on the farm in the 1940s got a new life when Master Carpenter David Raponi renovated it and created a quirky home for himself. He lived there for seven years.

Now the barn has become a vacation rental on what is still a working farm. The surrounding landscapes are gorgeous, making this a lovely spot for a peaceful getaway.

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1940s Milk Barn Turned Airbnb Cabin

Dave’s Milk Barn In High Falls, New York 13

Images via Airbnb/Rio

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This is the 150 sq. ft. Barn Tiny House Getaway in Portland.

Tiny Digs Portland Hotel invites you to stay for $145 per night.

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150 sq. ft. Barn Tiny House Getaway in Portland

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