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This is a tiny barn cabin for $27k out of Lynden, Washington.

It’s listed by Luke L. over at the Tiny House Marketplace. The cabin is 10’x20′ with a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and loft inside. What do you think? Would you like to live tiny in a barn cabin like this?

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$27k Barn Tiny House in Washington

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This is Tarzan’s Hideaway tiny house near Zion National Park in Cane Beds, Arizona.

Tarzan’s Hideaway is a tiny tome fit for the king and queen of the jungle. Handbuilt by a master craftsman, come experience tiny house living with all the comforts of home.

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Tarzan’s Hideaway Tiny House Vacation in Cane Beds, Arizona near Zion National Park

Tarzans Hideaway Tiny House Vacation in Cane Beds AZ 001

Images via Airbnb

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This is a barn-style tiny cabin in Greensburg, Kentucky for $23,000.

The seller had built it for his grandmother in 2017 but she was only able to live in it for six months before going into assisted living, according to the listing.

It’s a 14′ x 40′ custom built cabin with a 4ft covered porch. The barn is listed for sale over at Tiny Home Builders where you can learn more and see if it’s still available.

$23k Barn-Style Tiny Cabin For Sale in Greensburg, Kentucky

Barn Style Tiny Cabin for 23k_001

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