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I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Baluchon-built tiny homes. I only wish they were available state-side, but Baluchon only makes homes in France. This is a house they designed for a couple, which they named the “Ala Köl.”

It features an off-center ridgeline and a “glass wall” in the entry that lets in much-needed natural light. The living room has a couch and dining for four, and the kitchen has a sleek black sink, compact four-burner oven/stove and a mini-fridge. There’s a bathroom at the very end of the THOW, and a loft bedroom accessible via storage steps.

The coolest feature in this THOW is a wooden world map that reminds the couple of their many travels. Scroll down to take a tour of this beauty.

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Nina and Guillaume’s Stunning Baluchon Tiny Home in France

Ala Köl: Full-Time Tiny Living for Nina and Guillaume

Images via Baluchon

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