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If you’re wondering if tiny homes appreciate or depreciate in value over time, we’re here to tackle that question for you!

Roy Asks, “Do Tiny Houses Appreciate or Depreciate in Value?”

Could you do an article about whether tiny houses appreciate or depreciate in value. I would think that one built on wheels, so it could be moved, would depreciate like an RV or trailer. But one built on a permanent foundation would appreciate in value, like any regularly built home. Am I right or not? Thanks for the help.
Roy Bonnell

So what do you think? Do tiny homes on trailers appreciate or depreciate? And why? Well, here’s what we think and why:

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The Pearl Tiny House on Wheels by MTL

Unfortunately, Most THOW’s ARE Going to Depreciate In Value

Here’s Why:

Roy’s got the right idea because if you have a tiny home on a trailer, like most other trailers or motorhomes, it’s going to depreciate in value over time because of normal wear and tear.


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