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This is the story of a family of 8 and their bendy bus conversion!

It does 5 and a half miles per gallon but considering it weighs 26 tons, carries 30 days worth of water, and is completely ready for boon-docking, it’s really not bad. Especially when considering the completely unforgettable experience they’re creating together as a family. Their great-great-grandchildren will easily be talking about this. So what do you think? Too big or too cool?

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Family of 8 Living and Traveling in Huge (And Rare) Converted Bendy Bus

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This is a unique tandem bus conversion called the ‘Bendy’ Bus Conversion by Nick Jordan.

It’s an articulated bus turned into a large DIY motorhome!

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‘Bendy’ Bus Conversion: A Tandem DIY Bus/Motorhome!

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