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How likely is it that your next home could be a tiny home, or maybe a small home?

As time goes by, it’s becoming more likely that you’ll be able to buy or rent a tiny or small home the next time you’re in the market for a home. These are the top 12 tiny house trends that are helping to fuel this reality. This is a fun read, so grab your favorite beverage, enjoy, and let’s talk in the comments.

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How Your Next Home Could Be A Tiny House: Top 12 Tiny And Small House Trends That Might Effect You in the 2020s

Park Model Tiny House and RV Park Communities in Naples Florida

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“A mother lives in a 270-square-foot tiny house with her 2 children and 2 dogs. Here’s what it’s like inside,” is the title of the story over at Insider by Frank Olito who did the story on Amanda Burger and her tiny house life in Florida.

According to the story, before going tiny, she lived in a 2800-square-foot home. After separating from her spouse, she decided to downsize into a tiny house. What do you think?

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Ever wonder how much people are paying to live in their tiny houses every month?

This ought to feed your curiosity, then, because Business Insider went out and asked six tiny homeowners that very question and they published their answers right here. My video reaction to the article is below. 🙂

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6 Tiny House People Share Their Monthly Living Expenses in 2019

I think you will enjoy the article because the homeowners share all kinds of interesting information like how much they spent building or buying their tiny homes, how much their lot rent is, how much they spend on utilities and insurance, and some of them even tell you how much they spend on their groceries, too!

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