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After teaching in the Virgin Islands for seven years, Jana was ready to change things up, but not ready to “settle down” in the traditional sense. Instead, she’s redefining her nomadic life in her self-built ambulance as “settling down” — this is her home, and she loves her life! Even if her family thinks she’s crazy for doing it.

Amazingly, Jana only spent $19,000 making her home on wheels a reality. It includes a bathroom, office space, and even a “party bin” under her bed where she keeps several exciting costumes! Her kitchen has a DIY sink (she doesn’t recommend it) and a propane oven salvaged from a vintage RV. Jana is so much fun and her tour is sure to make you smile.

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Fun-Loving Woman Settles Down in Ambulance Conversion

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This is the story of Tom’s 4×4 Ambulance to Off-Road Motorhome Conversion! How cool is that? It’s called the Lost Box.

It all started when he bought a 4×4 ambulance with low miles and proceeded to turn it into the incredible off-road tiny home on wheels that you can see for yourself below. Enjoy!

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4×4 Ambulance Turned Off-Road Motorhome Tiny Home

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