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This is a 300 sq. ft. mobile surf shack in Santa Barbara, CA.

It was designed by Alex Wyndham. Plans available here.

What do you think?

Surf Shack Tiny House by Alex Wyndham

Surf Shack Tiny House by Alex Wyndham

Photos via Tiny Living

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This 90 sq. ft. micro cabin is really more like a DIY passive solar cabana. It’s a 7′ x 9′ structure with redwood bark clad from a local sawmill. All but one of the walls open for ventilation (passive cooling).

And a living roof up top to make it even greener. The cabana cabin is named the Hawk House and is designed by architect Alex Wyndham.

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90-sq.-ft. Micro Cabin with Passive/Solar Design


Let me open it up for you and give you a peek below:

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