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This is a 400-sq.-ft. mystic mountain tiny house near Seward, Alaska.

The little cabin is nestled in the forest, has mountain views, and features an outdoor deck. It’s located 5 minutes outside of the City of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. Check it out and learn more below!

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The Mystic Mountain Tiny House on the Kenai Peninsula

400sf Mystic Mountain Tiny House in Alaska 001

Images via Brittany/Airbnb

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This is another amazing Ana White design called the Wild Rose.

The home features an awesome coffee table that turns into a dining table (free plans here), storage ottomans and a twin-sized downstairs sleeping area. You can also sleep in the loft, accessed by a small staircase. Be sure to watch the full video tour to get all the details.

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Ana White’s 24-Foot Wild Rose Tiny House

Images via Ana White

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These Alaskan-style yurts by Nomad Shelters vary in size. Have you ever considered a yurt?

They range in sizes from 12 ft. diameter to 50 ft., so you have options. You can even go visit a few at Nomad Shelter, Inc. in Homer, Alaska.

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Alaskan Nomad Shelter Yurts from 12 ft. to 50 ft.!

Images via Nomad Shelters

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When Alaska experienced an economic downturn there were lots of lost jobs and homes. In 2010 the opportunity came for this couple to buy a plot of land outside of Fairbanks. So they did.

Since they had a small land payment they decided to start building their own tiny home of about 264 sq. ft. (12×16) little by little without a mortgage. In fact, one of the first things they did was pitch a tent and start the building process.

After two years they decided to expand the cottage to about 520 sq. ft. Today it boasts a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. It took them about two years to build and around $20,000 in costs. All of the hard work is paying off for the couple since today they live mortgage-free and rent-free. And they can be proud of what they built.

Couple’s DIY Simple Life in a Tiny Home in Alaska


Images © VickisGarden

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I thought I’d share this excellent example of people living simply in a tiny cabin in Alaska.

It’s a simple log cabin with a covered front deck. When you walk inside you’ve got your living area and kitchen. And upstairs is your sleeping loft with skylights which you’ll get to see down below.

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The Simple Life In A Tiny Log Cabin, Alaska

What does the simple life look like for you? Is it in a tiny apartment in the city? A tiny home on wheels near a town? Or off the grid in a rural area? Let us know in the comments after you tour the cabin below:

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This is the incredible story of a father and his son who set the audacious goal of building a tiny pioneer-style log cabin, in Alaska, in only 15 days.

Is it even possible to do that? Well, I suppose we will find out, but this old boy and his son sure think they can, and you know what, who’s stopping them? Enjoy below and who knows, you may learn a little something about logging.

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Father/Son Building Log Cabin Together


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