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What if there was a low-cost way to build an eco-friendly, fire-proof, water-proof and insect-proof home? That you could do all yourself with readily-available materials like water, concrete and detergent? Meet DomeGaia! A company committed to sharing their AirCrete-buildling technology with the world.

This innovative AirCrete is created using cement, water and foam (made by combining detergent with compressed air). It can be made at home using some of the tools sold by DomeGaia, and the material can be shaped into just about any design.

The home pictured below is Hajjar Gibran’s dome home which started his AirCrete journey. As you can see, you can make an amazing structure from AirCrete. What do you think?

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A Dome Home, Like This One in Thailand, Can Be Built Using AirCrete!

DomeGaia AirCrete 001

Images via DomeGaia

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