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If Ohio’s Amish country hasn’t been on your bucket list so far, this beautiful Scandinavian-inspired tiny house vacation might change that! The THOW has a private front porch where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee, but if you’d prefer, there’s a breakfast bar that looks out a large window.

The THOW has all the amenities you could need — a comfortable living room, kitchenette with a fridge/freezer, a bathroom with a *real* flushing toilet, and up a few stairs is the romantic bedroom space. An added bonus? The wooden tube-shaped sauna for your private use!

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Scandinavian-inspired THOW in Ohio’s Amish Country

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Have you ever considered putting your tiny house on Airbnb, but weren’t sure about the logistics such as insurance, location, and what guests are looking for? Ethan Waldman, who built his own tiny home in 2012 and lived in it for years before putting it on Airbnb, shares his experiences in his podcast episode here.

He had to move the tiny house to a new lot in order to start renting it out in May, but within a couple of days, he already had his first visitor! Check out the tiny house below and tune into the podcast to learn how you could do the same thing.

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Ethan has had his Tiny House on Airbnb Since May

Putting Your THOW on Airbnb 24

Photos by Rikki Snyder

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After a few years of watching tiny house shows, Jerod and Mia decided they wanted to build one themselves. Since they have a “normal” house already, they designed their THOW to be a vacation tiny house, Airbnb, or to possibly sell it, although they love it too much they don’t want to see it go.

The inside was inspired by the seaside, so you’ll find bright white shiplap walls and ceilings, with some lovely natural wood accents in the wood countertops. Jerod’s favorite part of the build, by far, is the bathroom. It’s a residential-sized bathroom complete with a flush toilet, stacked washer/dryer, and an amazing luxury shower with all the bells and whistles.

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They Built A Seaside-Inspired Tiny House on Wheels

Jerod & Mia’s Airbnb THOW w/ Luxury Bathroom 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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