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Personally, I think this sculptural home looks like a dragon, but the Airbnb description says this 70s build was a “giant seashell unicorn” which is equally magical. Designed by two architecture students, it was largely abandoned until someone bought the home in 2017 and restored it to its former glory.

Sitting among the trees in Austin, Texas, this unique “Bloomhouse” features a main bedroom, a second-floor sitting area, and a full kitchen. The interior feels much like living inside a giant coral reef! Coming in at 1100 square feet, it’s more of a “small” dwelling.

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Architecture Students’ 70s Brainchild Meticulously Restored

The Bloomhouse giant seashell unicorn Vacation 2 56

Images via Airbnb/Lodgewell

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Donelle’s father left her some lovely property by a marsh, and she had promised him she’d do something great with it — so she had a lovely little cottage built on it, and plans on having a treehouse built in the future!

This 320 sq. ft. cottage has a garage underneath and the living space up top. It’s studio-style with a queen bed on one end and the kitchen on the other. A little bathroom with a tub finishes off the space. What do you think?

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320 sq. ft. Cottage in South Carolina

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