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Can you imagine doing a 9-month road trip from London to Singapore in this little Land Rover?

This family of 5 did it!

Ray, Marianne, Liam, Seamus, and Declan are an adventurous quintuple who have done multiple overland journeys together.

Family of 5’s Epic Land Rover Adventure!

Overland Travel Family of 5 – Exploring Alternatives 4

Image © Ray and Liam Hyland

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This is the Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation on the Rogue River in Quebec.

Staying in their “Wagon de Berger” means you have a quiet spot to rest on a 22 acre nature site with access to canoeing/kayaking, hiking, cycling, dog-sledding, ice fishing, sledding and more. Want to book your stay yet?

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Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Quebec


Images via Kayak Cafe

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Megan and Rob are a pair of adventure seekers who are working hard to create the life of their dreams. The couple bought a 1979 Cal 31 sailboat in April 2015 up in Juneau, Alaska and they’ve been living on it ever since.

They’ve added a wood burning stove in the living room and extra insulation in the v-berth to stay warm in the winters, and they’ve also installed flexible solar panels and a small wind turbine to produce their own electricity.

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Adventurous Couple Living on a Sailboat Year-Round in Alaska


Images © Venture Lives

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David Welsford let go of most of his belongings, bought a sailboat and started living in it adventurously while traveling the world with it. “For me more important than having a big house is having a space that makes me feel good,” says David.

It’s a 28′ sailboat that’s around 50 years old that he restored himself. He takes soap showers on the boat and jumps into the salt water to rinse off. You can see him doing his dishes below. Please enjoy and re-share this inspiring sailboat living story (and watch the video) below. Thank you.

Man Lives Adventurously in his 28′ Sailboat


Images © TwentyEightFeet/KevinAFraser

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A while back I introduced you to the first tiny house that has made it to ESPN. The folks behind it have definitely not stopped there. Their quest for snow (powder) has continued. Imagine living and traveling in a tiny house with more than just you… How about a total of five people?

This video-based post shows you the trials and tribulations of living in a 112-square-foot tiny house on the road. And they’re towing with an older truck and what it’s like to not have 100% reliability on the road. You’ll also see how they negotiate and figure out where to park the tiny house for the night so they can get rest. But ultimately their goal is to get some powder. Meaning the best ski possible.

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A Quest for Powder Tiny House!

112-square-foot Tiny House and the Quest for Powder

Photo Credit YouTube/OutdoorResearch

Watch the entire video below:

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