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Adventure Blogger Kristen, her partner, and their Aussie live and work in this amazing Sprinter van conversion.

Her van is packed full of adventure gear that lets her live the life she’s dreamed of, including running her own business: She organizes Open Roads Festivals for other van-lifers and van-life dreamers across the country so people can meet and learn about this extraordinary life. The inside of her van home meets her needs, and she even has a permanent bed and dinette area with a fun “map table.”

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Kristen’s Adventure Sprinter Van Life

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This is the story of how one man converts his sprinter van into a stealthy mini-motorhome.

Buying a new Sprinter motorhome can cost you upwards of $120,000 USD. Crazy, right? But if you can do it yourself, it can be less than a quarter of the cost. And you can build it your way. See how this guy did it.

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Man Converts Sprinter Van into Awesome Mini-Motorhome

Sprinter DIY Conversion 001

Images © chrisstyle420 via imgur

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