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Did you see the Zero-1 A-Frame plans? Well here’s the bigger version of that design, this time including a loft and space for a bathroom, making it much more conducive to full-time living or longer-term vacation stays.

The Zero-4 plans come in at 192 square feet. Remember that these plans are all free! You can download the plans for this 12×16 A-frame today and submit them to your planning board. What do you think?

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This A-Frame Has a Loft & Bathroom

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame 7

Images © Zero

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Get excited! The folks over at Small House Catalog now have a new website, Zero, where they are posting *FREE* tiny house plans. You select the plans and then customize them with certain details to meet your local requirements. Then you can submit the plans to the powers-that-be in your municipality and get to work!

Over the next week, I’ll highlight the free plans. First up, this adorable A-Frame. It’s 10×14 feet, offering you 140 square feet to fill with a little bed and maybe even a kitchenette and cassette toilet. It’d make a great backyard guest room or an office or studio!

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All New 10×14 Feet A-Frame Plans

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame

Images © Zero

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Jack and Rylie lost their jobs in 2020, moved out of California, and back to Jack’s home state of Minnesota. That’s when Jack got to work building an A-frame retreat cabin on family land. He completed the build in 7 days for well under $2,500.

The cabin is primarily a “glamping” set-up, with a twin-sized bed, couch, propane cooktop, and wood stove. They typically come to this spot for weekend stays, and love getting away from it all.

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They Built This A-Frame in 7 Days for under $2,500!

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If you’re looking to build a simple tiny A-frame cabin, I thought you might like these plans by LaMar Alexander of Simple Solar Homesteading.

These plans include a detailed 30 page ebook full of step-by-step directions plus the modifiable Sketchup models of both the finished A Frame and the framing model to help guide your construction.1

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Tiny A-frame Cabin Plans

© Simple Solar Homesteading

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As part of his celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, here is the Alberta A-Frame Cottage design by Robinson Residential.

The Alberta cottage is an ‘A’ frame in the “Times New Roman Style”. A frames were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s as they were a pretty simple structure that went up fast and did not take a lot of framing skills or materials. The look of an A frame became what many thought of as a cottage at that time.

One of the biggest hurdles designing them was finding a way to incorporate the stairs between the levels, as headroom was decreased on the top floor. In this plan, I have made the cottage a back to front split so that the stairs are essentially a hallway connecting the spaces. The kitchen is at the lowest level and has a large eating island. The bathroom and laundry are also on this floor. Storage would be built into the sloped exterior walls. Up a few feet is a living room with a very high ceiling and lots of rear facing windows. Above the kitchen we have the bedroom which has it’s own private exterior balcony.

While not tiny, this is a small cottage that should offer lots of storage, abundant windows and the cabin atmosphere that only an A frame can provide.

Check out the plans below and head over to Robinson Residential to purchase yours today!

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Alberta A-Frame Small Home Design

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