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This DIY Tiny House on Wheels For Sale is a Guest Post by Ethan Ramirez

Fifteen months ago my girlfriend Kelsey and I started work on our second tiny house. At first everyone assumed we were building another house because the first was too small. They would ask, “are you building the second one bigger?” Our answer was, “no we are actually going smaller.”

As you can probably imagine people wanted to know why, and the reason is we felt that we could make an even smaller house even more efficient. We found that our first house was laid out in a manner that did not take full advantage of its footprint and we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could not only do it better but in a smaller footprint.

So we began working and after three months of long days we finally completed our even smaller tiny house. Unit 2 was it’s title and we were excited to begin our lives inside it’s cozy interior.

Our time spent in Unit 2 was very happy and we will always remember that time of our life fondly but due to a new opportunity we have been presented with we have come to the decision to find Unit 2 a new owner. Someone who will love it and enjoy it as much as we have.

Tiny House Couple Selling 2nd Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Ethan Ramirez

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