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This is Jason’s 800 sq. ft. Gambrel Roof Small Home. Per your request, he sent us tons of new photos of his DIY small home that you can see below. I’ll let him tell you his story below. Enjoy!

Enjoy the pictures from construction to completion, and get a list of “highlights” and build cost at the end!

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An Inexpensive Way to Build an 800-square-foot Two-Level Tiny Cabin w/ Gambrel Roof and Loft Bedroom w/ Staircase

Jason's 800 Sq. Ft. Barn Cabin!

Images via Jason

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This is a 800 sq. ft. off grid beach cottage located on Keewaydin Island, Florida that is only accessible by boat. The home was originally built in 1948 as a fishing cottage. When Sherry Irvin (Realtor in Naples, Florida), her husband at the time, and their two daughters (ages three and six at the time), moved into the small cottage, they updated the interior but kept the original wood floors. They also incorporated features in the home that we normally see in houseboats.

When you go inside you’ll find a kitchen, open living room with views of the ocean, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. To save space they removed all the doors in the home except in the bathroom where there was already a privacy curtain. They also added a large deck that is nearly the size of the home itself. They lived here for six years. And the children were best friends since they were the only kids on the island. They also got to go to school by boat rather than school bus. How cool is that? Sherry says she would live here again in a heart beat! So how would you like to live in a small home like this on an island? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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Family of Four Live in 800 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Island Cottage

Family of Four Live in 800 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Island Cottage

Images © Sherry Irvin

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Hi Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers), my small apartment is not so tiny at 792 sq. ft. but when you consider that it has 3 ensuite bedrooms with private bathrooms for each (2 with a king bed, 1 with a queen and each with their own closet) it shows a clever use of this limited space.

The location of the building built in 1926, right in front of a sandy beach on the riviera between nice and cannes makes it a truly special place.

I am selling my place because I must relocate and I have a website: www.thebestapartmentofjuanlespins.com. The asking price is 750,000.00 euros which is $1,050,000 in USD.

Beachfront 792 Sq. Ft. Small Apartment with 3 Bedrooms


Images © Gerald M. Langlade

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Hello Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers), after some years of following the spread of tiny houses across the country through your site and others, my dream of owning one is now realized.

I am the proud resident of a less than 800 square foot 2-bedroom home in the country. The house was designed and hand-built by my retired parents and myself in only four months and cost about $15,000 to build.

Previously, the house was an unfinished storage building and small carport. It had limited electrical wiring and no plumbing. We designed the house to utilize the original roofline, enclosed the carport to become the two bedrooms and bathroom, and added a small porch onto the back.

Simple Living in an 800 Sq. Ft. Home in the Country


Images © Emily T.

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Even though this isn’t a tiny house I still thought you’d enjoy this 840 sq. ft. modern and rustic cabin in the redwoods.

And the best part is that this particular one was designed and built in a way that makes it feel modern and rustic at the same time. But not only that… The exterior of the structure looks like a cabin. When you go inside though you’ll notice a cottage-like homey look and feel in certain rooms. So the result is a modern rustic cottage cabin, isn’t it? Oh, and good news- plans are available for this design if you like it enough to build it.

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840 Sq. Ft. Modern Small Cabin in the Redwoods


All Images © David Wakely for Cathy Schwabe Architecture

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