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Below, Kevin and Elizabeth take us on a tour of their 420-square-foot cabin in the Montana woods that they built as a guest house for just $7,000! While yes, it was started and completed before the lumber price boom of 2020, it’s still an impressively low figure for such a beautiful, well-finished cabin.

They kept costs down by using about 40% reclaimed materials, searching for used items, and some generous gifts from friends and family members. The cabin has a kitchen, bathroom, and loft bedroom, so anyone who stays there has all they need! What do you think of this little cabin in the woods?

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Settling Down in Montana After Military Life

Couple’s $7K Montana Cabin

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Wow! A mere $7,000 to build a weekend getaway destination in just two weeks!? Almost unbelievable, and certainly amazing!

Tammy and John built this tiny, 180 square foot tiny cabin (with the help of a friend) to use for weekend trips with their two small children and dog. The cabin itself is obviously very small, but many features make it appear more open, such as translucent corrugated fiberglass panels and an attached deck and yard for the children and dog to play.

The plans John chose to build the cabin were actually inspired by designs for sheds! The costs were kept at a minimum, due to bargain-hunting, homemade curtains and bed linens, and even trash-can diving! I think you’ll agree that the cabin is truly a work of love and partnership!

Young Family Build $7k Tiny Cabin in 2 Weeks


Images © Tammy Everts/Apartment Therapy

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