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Wandering Roots builds beautiful tiny homes in Georgia, and “The Ridge” is their latest tiny house on wheels. At 20 feet, it features a beautiful robin’s-egg-blue kitchen with a little two-burner cooktop and space for a fridge and a stacking washer/dryer.

There are two lofts (both ladder-accessible) and a lovely bathroom with a tile shower stall and flush toilet. The home is for sale for $65,400.

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NOAH Certified Wandering Roots Tiny Home

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Now this is a tiny house unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! There are two triangular additions to the top of this gooseneck THOW that provide standing room in the queen-sized loft bedroom, and a rooftop porch in the center.

The home was a DIY build by a husband and wife team, and is now for sale in Idaho for $65,000. Inside, the gooseneck has been transformed into a spacious living area, while a galley kitchen and full bath take up the rest of the ground floor.

There’s a stunning barnwood accent wall in the living area, and a huge closet with built-in storage by the bathroom for hanging storage. Enjoy the photo tour below and contact the seller (or ask questions) here.

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Buy This Tiny House with Standing Room Loft for $65K

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This is Keri’s bus, a 1999 Freightliner FS65 that she’s now selling for $65,000. The bus was made into a home by Yetibusbuild LLC in 2019, and the interior is absolutely stunning.

With 29′ of length, it features a spacious open concept, with the living room and kitchen taking up the front of the bus, and a comfortable private bedroom in the back. The bathroom includes a composting toilet and a shower stall.

Keri has done a lovely job of detailing everything the bus includes, which you can read in detail after the photo tour! You can also see the buses’ travels on Instagram here. To contact Keri with offers, email her at [email protected] or text/call 415-317-1912. Right now she’s making her way down the West Coast, starting in Spokane, Boise, Reno, then on to San Francisco via Sacramento.

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Start Your #BusLife Tomorrow with This Yetibus Build

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