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This is the French Quarter THOW by Incredible Tiny Homes.

Another awesome custom design, this spot features all full-sized appliances, steps to a spacious loft, and a huge open living room with a ceiling fan that’s fit for a party. Enjoy!

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French Quarter THOW by Incredible Tiny Homes

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This is the Ponderosa 24′ built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

Owner of the house, Jennifer, supplied a lot of her own materials to help keep the costs down.

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Jennifer’s Warm and Cozy Ponderosa 24 ft. THOW

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These are students at IDEA Public Charter School who built this awesome tiny house.

They are selling the home for $55,000 and be sure to click on the virtual tour!

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Students at IDEA Public Charter School Build a Tiny House: $55K

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This is John Connell’s Stony Canyon Cabin.

It’s a park model cabin on wheels that he bought for $55,000USD from Starlight Trailer Lodge.

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This Guy Loves His $55K Stony Canyon Cabin


Images © John Connell

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