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One thing I love about tiny spaces is that owners frequently go “all-out” because it’s most cost-effective in a tiny space. That’s what happened in the bathroom of this Austin tiny house. It’s completely tiled with gorgeous orange and gold tiles!

The rest of the house keeps it simple (which is nice, there is such thing as “too much”) with white walls and wood accents. There’s a loft bedroom, storage stairs, and a kitchen set up for simple meals. It had a first life as an Airbnb and comes fully furnished! They’re asking $49K on Facebook.

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They’re offering the Tiny House fully furnished for $49,000

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This is an off-grid, travel-ready THOW with an awesome history. It was self-built by a couple (@bigtrucklittlehouse) who took it across the country and back again, living in it full-time for two years, and for one year with their infant son. They’ve now put down roots as they build their family, and it’s your chance to call this rig home!

The home features tons of storage, a full kitchen, comfortable seating and a really need bedroom set-up! They split the back of the THOW in two, with mom and dad’s bed “upstairs” and the baby’s bedroom beneath. There’s also a wet bath cubby with a composting toilet.

With 176 square feet, the house is compact enough to make it easy to tow, but large enough to fit a couple or little family. They are asking $49,000K, and you can contact the seller at Tiny House Marketplace.

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Family’s 22 Ft THOW For Sale in Maine: $49K

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Meet Boxabl: A steel and concrete 375 square foot pre-fab home that literally unfolds upon arrival at your location! It’s basically an instant-house with everything you could possibly need in a small house.

The main living space is completely open with a large kitchen packed with full-sized appliances, a bedroom area with room for a queen, and a family room that can comfortably fit a normal couch. You’ll also notice there are no stairs or ladders in this contemporary marvel, making it a great place for retirees. It even has an ADA-compliant version!

There is, of course, a bathroom — with a full-sized bath/shower and a flushing toilet. It get’s better though: In the future they plan to create more Boxabls that can connect, so if you have another child or your life situation changes, you can stack vertically or connect horizontally with more rooms.

But the coolest part of this? It’s only $49,500 or $250/month. I rarely see anything this innovative and modern for such a reasonable price. But what do you think? You can reserve one here!

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This 375 Sq. Ft. Home Actually Unfolds Onsite!

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