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This is a 3D printed tiny house on a foundation built by Icon Build in 2018. According to their website, it’s actually the first permitted 3D printed home in America! Pretty cool, right? Here is a tour of the tiny home they built using 3D-printing construction technology. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

What if you could download and print a house for half the cost?

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ICON Builds the First Permitted Tiny Home using 3D-Printing Construction Technology

3D Printed Tiny House by Icon Build

Images © Icon Build

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After finding this video on Facebook, I had three of our awesome readers send in this amazing tip: A 3D-printed house that took just 24 hours to build and cost only $10,000!

Yes, it’s real. Apis Cor, a Russian company, doesn’t build homes — they print them. Their model home has a very unique design, but the technology is also capable of printing concrete homes in a traditional style. What’s most fascinating is that this home was not printed in pieces — it was printed as a whole, intact home (minus windows/roof).

This could revolutionize the building and construction market, and change the affordability of homes for the better.  Oh ya, and if that’s not cool enough, Apis Cor says they want to be the first to build on Mars!

Be sure to watch the whole video and be mesmerized by the future in action.

ApisCor 3D Printed a House in 24 Hours for 10k

Images via Apis Cor

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I’ve been wanting to talk about open source housing for a while now which is something you’ve probably never heard of yet.

For a while I’ve known that sometime in the near future housing is going to drastically change thanks to the internet and technology. When I put together this post last year is when I truly realized it.

The good part is that this will most likely reduce the price of building a house because it reduces the need for labor and design.

So today I wanted to introduce you to an idea called WikiHouse. It’s open source housing. Like Wikipedia but for real life stuff.

Open Source Housing & Construction

Open Source Housing

The idea is that you would be able to browse and choose through an ever growing amount of house and furniture designs that are free and open source.

Is this serious?

Yes. This isn’t just an idea anymore. It’s real. At the bottom of this post I’ll introduce you to some people who have already built their own tiny home using these methods. And there are photos to prove it, too! If you already haven’t, check out this Solar House in Barcelona that was built like this and continue reading below:

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