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If you’re in the market for a beautiful single-level tiny house, this 26′ one designed by Liv-Connected, manufactured by ATOMIC Homes, and sold by Endeavor might be the perfect option! It’s a studio-style layout, but the bedroom is separated from the living space just slightly by the bathroom.

The home is sleek and modern, with a compact kitchen space with flat-front cabinets. The bathroom is almost a wet bath, but the shower pan should keep water contained. You can easily fit a queen bed and walk around it in the bedroom. All that for $98,000. What do you think?

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Simple Studio-Style THOW by Atomic Homes

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While lofts still aren’t the most popular choice among tiny home buyers, their ability to provide ample first-floor space to a living room, kitchen and bathroom still makes them a good option in shorter/smaller THOWs. You’ll see that in this beautifully-crafted tiny home for sale in Texas.

The NOAH-certified home is 26 feet long and you’ll find a hearty railing going up the storage staircase that leads to the main bedroom loft. Additionally, there’s plenty of room for a living room, galley kitchen and even a stacking washer and dryer unit.

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208 sq. ft. Tiny House with LP Smartsiding

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This is the Morrison model by Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Longwood Florida.

The model is 26′ feet long and this particular home is moving to Colorado with its new owner. It has beautiful burnt wooden countertops and I’ve never seen the quadruple gables that this house features — pretty cool! I would love to see it fully furnished someday, but for now enjoy the screenshots and video tour below.

You can purchase both a shell version, or a finished version — details here!

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26′ Morrison Model by Cornerstone Tiny Homes

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This is a 26′ Tiny House RV with Shed-style Roof by Tiny Idahomes.

It features two skylights, french doors, and a combination of cedar and metal siding on the outside. When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft. In 2015, this tiny home sold for $44,350 USD.

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26′ Tiny House RV with Shed-style Roof by Tiny Idahomes

26 Modern Shed Style Roof Idahome 001

Images © Tiny Idahomes

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