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Tiny Heirloom has reimagined its original Vantage model, which it now calls the “Legacy” — a 24-foot single-level tiny house that can sleep up to four people. The home comes in 3 different designs (Modern, Farmhouse, or Craftsman) so you can get a home that fits your style!

The single-level design comes with a standard Murphy bed, but you can upgrade to different sleeping arrangements. While the model begins at $78,900, you can select upgrades (such as a solar array, heated floors, or a washer/dryer unit) on the Tiny Heirloom website to see how it changes the price. Let us know in the comments which features would make this your dream home.

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Rebirth of the “Vantage” in Three Design Styles!

Legacy by Tiny Heirloom 99

Images via Tiny Heirloom

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Here’s the latest beautiful built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Oklahoma. The Guthrie is a 24-foot, traditional-style tiny home with a loft bedroom and galley kitchen. It has a fun exterior design with faux stucco!

The interior features corner bench seating with lots of storage and a back bathroom with a shower stall and residential toilet. There’s also space for a washer/dryer. It’s for sale right now for $89,500.

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24′ Tiny House on Wheels for $89.5K in Oklahoma

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