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These are the top 20 most popular and shared tiny houses on wheels from 2019. This top 20 includes mostly larger tiny homes (park models) because they are becoming so popular. There’s also a travel trailer conversion and a portable micro cabin (not built on wheels but still portable), just for variety sake.

So these are some of the more popular and most shared tiny homes that we covered this year according to our statistics. Check them out, click on each to learn more and see the original post/tour of the home, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments. Also, what do you notice about them? Are you noticing a trend? People seem to like the really big tiny houses, right? Why do you think that is? Oh and by the way, happy new year! 🎉😊

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1. The Oversized Tiny House w/ Wraparound Porch!

HUGE tiny house with WRAPAROUND porch via Park-Model-Homes-com 001

Image via Park-Model-Homes.com

>>> CLICK HERE for the FULL POST of This Oversized Tiny House w/ Wraparound Porch.

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