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Liam is a 21-year-old photographer and surfer (@liamconradphoto) living in Santa Barbara, California. He bought this 1988 Ford Econoline that was a handicap transport vehicle, and transformed it into an awesome camper van to make surfing that much easier!

Now he can camp out at the beach and get the early morning waves! His van includes an outdoor shower, sink, 12 v fridge and a large bed with garage storage underneath.

He did a video tour of his van build-out, which you can watch at the end of the post! Enjoy.

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From Handicap Transport Van to Surfer Campervan

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This 1988 Ford Econoline 350 Short Bus Conversion is a guest post by Lacey Leonard

My name is Lacey Leonard and I am an undergraduate Sculpture Student. This was my tiny house project and I am very excited to share it with you!

The bus is a 1988 Ford Econoline 350 with Short Thomas Bus Chassis. This bus was an undergraduate research project in sustainability, mid-century design, and woodworking. The entire interior is hand built with Virginia barn wood dating 150 years back (some of the pieces go back even further).

The project took about one year to complete and was a collaboration between art students. We designed and executed the bus to be functional and ergonomically through mid-century design. The bus is completely off-grid but has room for personal modifications.

There is a composting toilet, fold-out kitchen counter, stainless steel protected space for the heat source, AC unit, tiny closet, bench storage, sink, and red oak wood floor.

The wood used in the bus is red oak, white oak, chestnut, poplar, pine, birch, walnut, and redwood.

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Students design and build short school bus conversion/rolling tiny home

Students convert 1988 Ford E-350 short bus into rolling tiny home!

Images © Lacey Leonard

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