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This is a newly completed tiny house in Paonia, Colorado sold at $15,000 via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It’s a 160 sq. ft. freshly built micro cabin currently on display and is ready for purchase.

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$15k Micro Cabin in Paonia, Colorado SOLD! 160 sq. ft… What do you think?

$15k Tiny House On Display in Colorado...Just Completed And For Sale!

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/Daniel Kennedy

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This 160 sq. ft. tiny cottage with a loft is absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? This tiny house is located on a farm south of Stockholm. It’s there for guests (there’s a larger home on the property too).

For me, there’s something even more special about tiny houses without wheels. It’s just so classic and simple. I love it. How about you? I like the covered front door and I also really like the colors they used (red, white, teal, and black). It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

When you go inside you’ll find open living space, a tiny kitchen, and an upstairs sleeping loft. That’s about it! There’s no bathroom inside because there’s a wonderful separate bathhouse with dual showers. That’s where your washer/dryer is located, also. What do you think of this setup? Would it work for you?

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Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Images © Svenskfast

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