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Adam and Chelsea knew each other in high school, but reconnected after some time in the military where they individually traveled the globe. Once married they kept traveling and one of Chelsea’s friends showed her skoolies.

At first, the couple thought it was insane. But after diving down the #Skoolie Instagram rabbit hole they were committed, and just days later purchased the bus! That said, it would be another 2.5 years before they actually moved in.

Amazingly, they only spent $11K on their bus home. Determined to do it on the cheap in case it didn’t work out for them, they found the cheapest way to do everything and the results are amazing! Watch the video tour to learn more.

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It Took 2.5 Years, but only $11K to Finish This Skoolie!

Family’s Beautiful Bus Build for Under $11K!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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