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Michael and Acacia have been living in their self-converted van in South Africa for the past two years. While van life is not particularly popular in South Africa, they’ve had lots of success and enjoy staying at campgrounds for very little money.

Their conversion only cost them about $10K, which is the average cost of a basic car in South Africa – and instead of just a car, they have a home on wheels! Check out their awesome budget build below.

  • Follow Michael and Acacia’s two-year DIY van life journey in South Africa, where they’ve thrived despite the trend being less popular in the region.
  • With a $10K budget, they’ve transformed their van into a comfortable home on wheels, featuring unique epoxy counters and clever design elements.
  • Engage in their adventure as they earn income by filming local businesses and enjoy the freedom of van life, all while showcasing South Africa’s stunning landscapes.

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Their $10K Van Conversion with Epoxy Counters

DIY Van Life in South Africa 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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