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If you’re looking for that trendy farmhouse feel in a stunning tiny house on wheels, look no further than this 28 foot beauty, complete with two extra large lofts and a spacious center kitchen.

I really love the large living room area with picture windows on three sides — it designates a clear spot for family hang-out time and has a projector screen installed! The bathroom also includes a washer and dryer unit, which means no laundromat runs.

The kitchen has everything minus an oven, but the existing owners have an instant pot, electric hot plate and convection oven in addition to their refrigerator. The home is listed on Tiny House Marketplace here for sale for $95,000.

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Lovely Tiny House with Tons of Windows: $95K for Sale

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Now this is a tiny house unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! There are two triangular additions to the top of this gooseneck THOW that provide standing room in the queen-sized loft bedroom, and a rooftop porch in the center.

The home was a DIY build by a husband and wife team, and is now for sale in Idaho for $65,000. Inside, the gooseneck has been transformed into a spacious living area, while a galley kitchen and full bath take up the rest of the ground floor.

There’s a stunning barnwood accent wall in the living area, and a huge closet with built-in storage by the bathroom for hanging storage. Enjoy the photo tour below and contact the seller (or ask questions) here.

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Buy This Tiny House with Standing Room Loft for $65K

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This is an owner-built Tumbleweed Cypress tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Wimberly, Texas. It’s 7 ft x 21 ft, and features a king-sized sleeping loft and second storage loft. The first owners did the stunning rough-edge cedar exterior, and the current owners finished out most of the interior.

The plumbing for water isn’t finished yet and the bathroom is a complete blank slate for you to design however you’d like! The bathroom walls are just concrete board and plywood at the moment, but the build comes with an on-demand gas water heater that was never hooked up, a shower pan, and small Ikea sink.

In the kitchen the couple used a convection oven, Instant pot and induction cook top for meals, and there’s a full-sized refrigerator. A space heater and fan have provided heating and cooling to date, but a mini-split install is something you can do further down the road.

The couple is selling the THOW for $27,000 to help cover the costs of the small farm they are purchasing. For more information and to make an offer, head over to Tiny House Marketplace.

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Buy Your Own Tumbleweed Cypress Tiny House

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