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Meet Erika: When her twin sister and long-time roommate bought a house with her boyfriend, Erika had a choice to make — either she could keep working in the job she hated to afford an apartment alone, or she could move back home and build her very own tiny space.

As you can guess, Erika chose to go tiny, and spent 2 years and 3 months creating her completely unique tiny house on wheels, spending a total of $35,000. She admits now that the $9k she spent on the trailer was far too much, but she was completely new to tiny homes and didn’t know better at the time. Despite spending more than she could have, she is now completely debt-free due to her decision to go tiny!

She documents her tiny life on her blog here, and on Instagram. Right now she’s parked on her parent’s lake-side land in Upstate New York — and what a spot it is!

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Custom DIY THOW on New York Finger Lakes

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