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Simple Tiny House for Less Than $10,000

I just ran into this bunkhouse tiny house and thought I’d share it with you.

The owner of the little cabin, Sue, runs a blog called A Porch of My Own hence the name of this post.

She had the shell of the cabin built by a company who delivered it right to her property as you’ll see in the photos below.

Then she slowly finished the interior. It’s actually still a work in progress that’s already looking quite nice and I imagine will start getting better and better.

So far she’s spent much less than $10,000 but it is an ongoing project. Doesn’t it look relaxing?

Bunkhouse Tiny House (1)

You can see the cabin shell being delivered on a trailer in the photos below:

Bunkhouse Tiny House (2)

Next you can see them getting the house from the trailer and onto the ground.

Bunkhouse Tiny House (3)

I suppose with the right trailer and tools it can be relatively straightforward. This part would make me nervous though.

Bunkhouse Tiny House (4)

Sue has already decorated part of her house for the Halloween season. 🙂

Bunkhouse Tiny House (5)

And eventually there will be a porch. Until then she’s making improvements here and there to the interior. Let’s take a look..

Bunkhouse Tiny House (6)

Currently it’s a one room set up with two beds. That’s why she calls it the bunkhouse.

Bunkhouse Tiny House (7)

Check out the bathroom below:

Bunkhouse Tiny House (8)

For more photos and information on Sue’s tiny house go visit and subscribe to her blog.

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  • Cool lil’ place! Just needs a wooden/painted skirt around the bottom to hide the blocks. Love that tree swing too!

    • The tree swing is awesome. Yeah on her blog she explains how she’ll be making it better and better which includes a porch expansion and I’m sure some kind of skirt to hide the blocks and make it look even better. Hope you’re well up there Deek!

  • My brother & I built this Tiny House for well under $5,000. I’ve been living in it for awhile now, and enjoy the house, especially it’s low utility bills. Be sure and check out the two CARTOON styled photos, to see the interior. There is no reason to pay out the nose for a Tiny House.


  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    I love it, this reminds me of those little old roadside tourist cabins that were popular back in the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s then motels took their place..

  • If you check out the blog, one can see what has been done. It looks really good. I like what has been done to the place.

  • Avatar jimmy fox

    I’m looking for a tiny home similar to this one . Can you tell me hoe to get one near where I live? I live in Fort Payne , Alabama about 50 miles Soutwest of Chattanooga ,Tennessee.
    God bless
    Jimmy Fox

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