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Robin Hood’s Hideout: Magical Tiny Cottage Built With Mostly Reclaimed and Vintage Materials!

This is Robin Hood’s Hideout, a magical storybook cottage by Havenwald in Dipping Springs, Texas (near Austin) that you can book as your next tiny house vacation.

Robin Hood’s Hideout is a tiny, storybook cottage made almost entirely of architectural salvage. Cedar, walnut, carved doorknobs, stained glass and a knightly chandelier are just a few of the 30+ vintage materials that charm this little bungalow. Our place is called Havenwald, which means “haven in the woods.” Oaks, cedars, wildlife and starry skies stay here. Tranquility, respect and kindness stay here. When you stay here, we hope you’ll discover why we say at Havenwald, magic stays here!1

Photos © Havenwald

Photos © Havenwald


  • ‘Robin Hood’s Hideout’
  • Storybook Cottage Style
  • Tucked into Cedar and Oak Trees
  • Surrounded by Deer, Crickets, Frogs
  • Built with Mostly Salvaged and Vintage Materials
  • Cozy Sleeping Loft
  • Just Under 300 Sq. Ft. Including the Loft
  • In Dripping Springs, TX (near Austin, TX)
  • Available to Book on Airbnb


  1. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/19068529
  2. https://www.havenwald.com/cottages/
  3. https://www.havenwald.com

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{ 15 comments… add one }
  • love this it is so cute, i could live there for ever, and a warm place to be, beings its only 8 degrees here lower with wind chill

  • Avatar Eric

    Depressing. Seriously depressing. Dark. Ominous feelings generated. I could NOT live in a place like this. YMMV…

    • Avatar redfish

      What? That HOUSE has no problems…

    • Avatar sc

      If it’s not to your taste, that’s one thing, but it is NOT dark. Each part of the house has a very nice amount of light from windows. the living room, the kitchen. The bathroom is not as bright as the other rooms, it stills has a nice window, letting in light and still have privacy.
      I myself would prefer the walls whitewashed, but the interior is still not dark.

      • Avatar Denise

        Good point, it’s natural wood, so it has a natural warmth that comes with it, even if the tone is darker. The best way to destroy the natural look of wood and in turn destroy it’s warmth is to paint it. White walls can be achieved using drywall, but then we wouldn’t have the sweet whimsy of this cabin.

        • Avatar sc

          oh I disagree. As a lover of shabby chic look, I have seen wood object still keep its warmth and charm. In fact, the trim in this very house is white washed.

      • Avatar James D.

        sc, there’s a difference from white wash/lime paint, and what people generally mean by painting.

        White wash starts off with a low opacity and materials like wood can absorb it. So it’s ideal for lightening the tone but still preserving all the textures and grain patterns… Essentially, similar to wood staining but lightening instead of darkening…

        It has to be very thick before the material details start to be hidden…

        Unlike what people mean by painting with paints that essentially form layers on top of the material and thus can hide all those details, especially after multiple coats or using thick paints that fill in all the gaps.

  • Avatar Alison

    It is really cute. Looks like a cozy place to stay (it doesn’t look dark to me).

  • Avatar Danielle DiLisio

    Very creative! Enchanting

  • Avatar Tom Osterdock

    This one I like, it is my style, to bad it does not have wheels.

  • What a wonderful magical place!!! Only thing missing is fairies, baby dragons and knoms. Would love to move in and never leave. This would end the final thing on my bucket list. I’m 69. So just check on me once in a while to make sure I haven’t left with the fairies.

  • Avatar Sparrow

    I LOVE this!!! Even the bathroom is great. I would not only rent this, I would buy this! This is the best tiny house I’ve seen that was not built by Zyl Vardos. I only wish this house was located near Disney World in Florida, because I’m thinking of moving out there in the very near future.

  • Avatar Denise

    This one wants to make me linger and stay awhile…well done!

  • Tiny Texas Houses has enough used materials to build 20,000 of these….I love the simplicity and the sleeping loft for the Grand-kids. I would need a ground floor sleeping room added. Looks like about 8′ added behind the Bath as a lean-to would work really well and give the home a Saltbox profile. For the aesthetic of this unit I would change NOTHING else as it has everything two old people on a plant based diet could want.(meat eaters are going to need a bigger fridge) Imagine this on a pontoon barge and you have a perfect houseboat.

  • Avatar Betty

    Not my style. 😕

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