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Open House: Dan Louche’s Second Tiny House Project

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If you are in the Florida or Georgia area and you’re into tiny houses you may want to consider this open house.

It’s an opportunity for you to see and experience one that’s ready to live in.

If you can’t make it though don’t worry because I’ll be there and I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos and videos for you.

Dan Louche’s Second Tiny House Project

I interviewed Dan after he built his first house on a trailer for his mother who lives in Florida.

Since then he has put together:

The photo below is an interior shot of Dan’s mom’s house (aka Tiny Retirement).

Tiny Home Builders Tiny Houses

Photos Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders

Construction Guide

This guide is for anyone who is considering building a tiny house because it covers the entire process step by step in the order in which they should be done.

It’s a 64 page guide with 107 color photos and illustrations. It’s made to be a universal guide to building this way so it doesn’t matter what plans you have or if you have any at yet at all.

To learn more about what Dan’s guide will teach you and how much it costs click here.

Tiny House PlansTiny Home Builders Tiny Living Model

So far Dan has created two sets of plans. One is called Tiny Retirement which is the house he built for his mother. This one is made for people who don’t want to climb into a sleeping loft every night.

The second one is called Tiny Living which is the house he built for himself. It’s larger and includes a sleeping loft to create more room and functionality.

Learn more about each through the links below:

The Open House

If you want to make it to the open house you better act fast because it’s on 10/15/2011.

Visit Dan’s open house page so you can learn how to contact him if you want to attend.

Besides that be sure to stay tuned as I’ll bring the open house to you when I come back after the trip.

Our Videos with Dan and his Houses

In case you haven’t seen my previous videos of Dan’s houses you can watch them both below.

A Visit to see the Tiny Retirement House

A Visit During the Construction of Tiny Living

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Day with Alex Pino and Dan Louche in his First Tiny House Design, Tiny Retirement

Photo Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders

This post contains affiliate links.

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