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Nanci’s Tiny Cabin and Her Downsizing Story

Introducing Nanci and her tiny cabin.

This is a cool story because her small house has some big history.

The documentation for the original purchase of it is filed in Colorado and has Calvin Coolidge’s signature.

She bought it in 2007 and has been remodeling.

Originally Nanci and her husband wanted this as their rental property, but they ended up downsizing and moving in.

It’s 516 square feet and has a bonus 100 square foot separate office.

While there they’ve added a carport, deck and interior remodel.

Outside they enjoy elk, birds, deer and fresh mountain air.

Not to mention a lot less cleaning and a tiny mortgage.

Here are a few pics and then I’ll send you over to Nanci’s blog to see more.

Nanci's Tiny Cabin and Downsizing Story Welcome to Nanci's Tiny Cabin Nanci's Separate Office Right by her Tiny Cabin

This is the separate 100 square feet office.

Let’s go inside the cabin…

Nanci's Tiny Cabin - The Kitchen Nanci's Tiny Cabin - The Bathroom Nanci's Tiny Cabin - The Bedroom Nanci's Tiny Cabin - The Living Area

If you want to learn more about Nanci, her story and what her tiny cabin looked like before they remodeled click here to check out her blog, Colorado Cabin Home.

Photo Credits: Nanci Bliss

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