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How to turn an ordinary bedroom into a kid’s multifunctional playroom with study, dress up, shelving, and sleeping loft

Growing up, every kid wants a bedroom of his or her own, customized to personality and full of the things they love to do. That’s the purpose that this multifunctional playroom/bedroom serves.

Of course, most homes simply don’t have the space for a permanent playroom, but Heidi, a thirty-something mother of two, used tiny house logic to transform her daughter’s bedroom into a four-year-old’s dream come true.

With the help of her carpenter husband, Heidi turned an average sized bedroom into a little girl’s ideal space. A desk and chair, dress up area, spacious shelving unit and loft bed all fit comfortably in their design.

A vibrant wall paper makes the play space pop and gives the design a more spacious feel. Homework is more exciting for a four year old when completed at their own personal desk in a chair their size.

Kids' multifunctional playroom study dress up shelving sleeping loft all in one room

Photos Courtesy of Heidi

I encourage you to check out the rest of the photos and details below: When the schoolwork is put away, just fold the desk up against the wall to create more play space. The boxy little room makes a great stage, too! For those with theater-inclined youngsters, a simple curtain would complete the theater theme.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this room design is the dress up nook. It’s a tiny space but a hanging rack turns the hard to reach back corner into a handy closet space. Jewelry hooks and a full length mirror complete this ideal child sized boudoir.

Kids' multifunctional playroom study dress up shelving sleeping loft all in one room

Heidi clearly has a great design and knows what her daughter loves. This design puzzle pieces together all parts of a child’s life into an attractive and easy to clean space that both parent and child enjoy.

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Written by Newt Stremple for Tiny House Talk

Source: http://knaehojkarse.blogspot.com/2011/05/projekt-pigevrelse.html

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