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Mandala’s 322-square-feet Yurt Cabin

If you’re looking for a small house design that’s still less than 500-square-feet..

And if you also like yurts..

Then you might like this small home from Mandala Homes.

It’s a 21′ round cottage that adds up to approximately 322-square-feet of interior living space.

In the time lapse video below you’ll get to see the circular cabin being put together in “fast-forward”.

Since all of the panels were prefabricated- including the subfloor- it took less than 9 hours to put together.

I encourage you to watch the video below then if you want share your ideas with the community in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Mandala Homes 322-square-foot 21' Round Cottage

Photo Source Mandala Facebook

If you want to watch the time-lapse construction video click below:

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  • Avatar sesameB

    Nice, just plain nice.

  • Very nice. Crisp and simple with a flash of style not found in rectangular homes. Open space with flexibility

  • Avatar Diana Diaz

    Very nice! Check out “Smiling Wood Yurts.com” they are so cool too. Yurts are very cheap to build and you can live in one while you save money and use as a guess home for later… Diana

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