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Man Turns his Tesla Model S P85 into 1st Tesla Hotel

I had to show and tell you about this guy who turned his Tesla Model S P85 electric car into an $85 a night micro hotel. So it’s the world’s first… Tesla Hotel?

When he wanted to spend $118,000 on this luxury vehicle he needed to find a way to justify and pay for it. Even though he’ll never have to buy gas again, it’s still an expensive car!

So he created a cozy space in the trunk of his Tesla with remote controlled electric candles and a twin bed mattress. And he put it up on Airbnb as the world’s first Tesla Hotel. He just needs you to be out of bed by the morning (so he can drive to work).

Also, you must be under 6’6″ to fit inside. And don’t worry, he lets you use the bathroom, shower and couch inside his house. And if needed, he can also give you a ride since he’s also an Uber driver.

Man Creates World’s First Tesla Hotel


Images © Steve S.

tesla-hotel-02 tesla-hotel-03 tesla-hotel-04 tesla-hotel-05 tesla-hotel-06 tesla-hotel-07 tesla-hotel-08 tesla-hotel-09 tesla-hotel-010 tesla-hotel-011 tesla-hotel-012 tesla-hotel-013 tesla-hotel-014

Images © Steve S.

Steve even wrote a book on How Almost Anyone Can Afford a Tesla which he offers on his website.

Learn more about staying at Steve’s Tesla Hotel: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4182729

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  • Avatar Andrew

    Built mine years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAaXOT1AupY

    Always got broken into: thieves would take it away and try to make it look less ugly. Got free new rims, tricked out suspension, rocking sound system until one day got a letter on the dashboard that simply said, “We give up.”

  • Avatar Sharon

    Artful Dodger. – priceless –

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    WELL, I’ll be damned, I never ever hear of a Tesla before., and I’m into going to vintage car shows.especially the ones of the 1940’s and 50’s..Talk about cars thousands of times over and over again , And never not once until now has anyone before ever mentioned such a car as a Tesla..

  • Avatar Kim

    What’s the point if he lets you use his bathroom, shower, and couch? Just take on a boarder/roommate and offset it to the cost of the car….

  • Next they’ll be setting up Airbnb in mortuaries. Come spend the night in a comfy coffin. Free access to the bathroom and pews in the viewing room (when not in use.) Please! At least rent out your house/apt for the night, while you sleep in the car!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Hey! It’s all about style…and this guys got it!

  • Avatar Amy

    If I had to pay $85 to sleep in someone’s car, I sure wouldn’t like to be told when to get up in the morning!

  • Well, I suppose that’s one way to make use out of a little extra space in your car. I bet it’s actually a bit more comfortable than most people would otherwise guess, too.

  • Avatar jules

    I think the dude could spring for a hand towel in the bathroom, no?

  • Avatar Liz

    Just gotta get that 15 seconds of fame huh? Not a tiny house; just an overpriced care with high insurance rates.

  • I love the idea, a person could squeeze into, and comfortably sleep, cook & eat, & otherwise happily reside, in some amazingly tiny places, and, for many reasons it might actually be better for many us if we did, but I will ask, with no disrespect, the same question I keep asking other micro-home creators… Where does the occupant pee (& etc.)?

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